My first sale!

Hi there. This is my first post following my attempt to be a successful self-published author. I define “successful” not necessarily as “rich and famous,” though that would be fine with me. My goal is to get people reading and talking about my work. To learn more about me, my writing and what brought me to this point, please click on the “about” link. I will be continuing to develop this website with more pages and things as we go. So… “Atlantic Island Book 1: The Event” was released two days ago. As opposed to the release of my nonfiction “Doing the Job,” which saw me harass everybody I know to get sales, I took the advice of several prominent self-published authors and chose not to market but let the work speak for itself and turn my focus to the next installment. As of a minute ago (11:23 AM on 4/6/2013 to be precise), I have made my first sale! You gotta start somewhere.  I’m going to rework the cover to the book today. I originally used a CreateSpace template but they really don’t have anything that fits the genre. My Photoshop skills are average at best but I think I can do better than what I have right now.


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