A mid-April update…

Thought I’d take a moment away from working on part 2 of Atlantic Island to update on my progress. To date I’ve made enough money from part 1 of the book to buy a fairly good-quality cup of coffee. I had a sale in the UK but no other action there. Got one review from a US reader who seemed to like it. Interestingly, I haven’t had any Kindle Library borrows yet. I say “interestingly” because my non-fiction wrestling book, Doing the Job usually gets as many borrows each month as it does sales. I dropped that book’s price by a dollar yesterday to see if that keeps it going. On the Atlantic Island front, I totally revised the cover in Photoshop and I’m very happy with it. My only concern is that many of the serial-style releases on Amazon use a theme that ties all the covers together. I’m not sure mine would work that way. We’ll see. I was reading some tweets and linked articles from some of my fellow self-published authors, and realized that my book was not properly categorized- it should definitely be in the science fiction “short stories” category and not science fiction general. I made that change today and it should go into effect tonight. Surely fame and fortune will follow. I am strongly considering writing a short story set in Hugh Howey’s Wool universe, as that seems to be a popular new genre and can introduce readers to my work. I think I’ll start on that after part 2 of Atlantic Island is finished. Speaking of that work, I must get back to it now… 


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