Free promotion…a postmortem.

My first five day free promotion is in the bag and it’s time to reflect on the results. Did this effort increase my audience and spark further sales?
Let’s start at the beginning. I used Amazon’s KDP free promotion option to push Book 1 of Atlantic Island for five days last week. Prior to that the book had been available for a month at 99 cents. It had sold in the very, very low double digits worldwide over the month. Being free meant I lost my ranking in the paid books on the Kindle store. Since I was ranked in the 300,000’s, this was no great loss.
So the book went free. In the first hour I had sold the same amount as in the previous month. I averaged about 100 downloads per day and moved up to the 1300th best selling free book, plus a #3 ranking in free sci fi short stories. Now remember, I didn’t make any money from this. The question remained: what would this publicity do for me? Well, of the 500 plus who got the book, nobody reviewed it (though certainly not everyone is finished reading), nobody followed me on Twitter, and in the three days since I have been back at 99 cents there hasn’t been a single purchase. I don’t think it was a waste in any way to try this out because I probably didn’t miss out on many sales. I’m going to consider the positive that so many people read at least some of my work. That’s a big part of what it’s all about. Back to writing… I have 14000 more words to write and Book 2 can go into editing!

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