My adventure in the Wooliverse

Well, I finally did it. Since starting on my self-publishing endeavor I have promised to write a short story in Hugh Howey’s Wool universe. After a week of writing at a feverish pace I had something longer than a short story and, I hope, different than any other fanfic type story out there. I won’t waste time telling you Uriel’s story, since if you’ve made it here there’s a good chance you’ve bought the book already. In that case, thanks!
What I will tell you is that while the story is fiction, there are elements of Uriel’s personality that come from my memories of myself at his age. That and the haunting descriptions Hugh and others have given of the silos made writing this a very engrossing, powerful experience for me.
For those who are here to follow my career, I can tell you that sales have been much better than my other work but not yet where I’d like to see them. It’s possible people are just burning out from too much Wool stuff that doesn’t come from Hugh, but I prefer to think it will just take some time.
In the meantime I go back to read and edit Atlantic Island: The Leadership. I still think that story has potential and I’m hopeful that reading with fresh eyes will help me make it all it can be. I’m aiming to have the book available for sale by the end of this month.

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