A little update

I’m in the middle of adding some things to this website and will be flying home to Florida today, so forgive the brevity of this post. Just a quick update:

“Angels of the Earth: A Silo Story” is selling very well. Still lagging most of the other Wooliverse tales but I’m proud enough to just be part of that crew. My book did briefly enter the top 20 sci-fi short stories.

“Atlantic Island: The Event” is picking up a few occasional buys or borrows, one would assume as a result of the silo story’s success. It’s selling about 3% of the number of copies of Angels.

“Atlantic Island Book 2: The Leadership” is in the hands of beta readers. When I have their feedback I will incorporate it, tack on my snazzy new cover, and get it moving to Amazon. I’m already itching to get to work on the final installment.

In other news… Opened a Facebook fan page. Created a new cover for AI Book 1 that more closely matches what I developed for Book 2. That’s on Amazon now. As I said, I’m going to flesh out this blog/website a little more today and tomorrow. That’s all… thanks for reading!

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