Kindle Worlds: The beginning

I know I’m long overdue for a post. I imagine you’ve already picked up on much of what I’m about to say from other social media. Nonetheless…
Hugh Howey has joined the new Kindle Worlds program at Amazon. This formalizes the process of writing and publishing Silo Saga stories (there are other brands in the program as well) and lets Amazon control all the elements to make the books successful. So as it turns out I am the first author accepted to be published by Kindle Worlds! It’s been a fun few days since that happened. The people at Amazon have been awesome and Hugh himself has been great, as he has been all along. Right now Angels is in the store and Amazon is just trying to get things running and get some more works in the store. I know some of my fellow “Wool” authors will be in the store in a day or two. This is great as they are wonderful people with brilliant stories to share. They’ve been unbelievably supportive since I published Angels initially. I can’t talk too much about what’s going to be happening but it should be the most exciting thing to happen since I started writing. More as soon as I can share it!

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