I’ve been plotting the next phase of my writing career since wrapping Atlantic Island not too long ago. That book continues to slowly gain traction and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which makes me feel pretty wonderful. My goal was, after all, to entertain my readers. If you’ve looked at the little progress bars on the side of my blog page, you’ll know that I finished writing a short story for an upcoming silo-related project. I’m not going to go into detail about that yet, but I certainly will when the time is right. The story takes place in Hugh Howey’s Silo Saga world, but is not at all related to Angels of the Earth. It’s just a disturbing little horror story that I enjoyed writing. 

I’m outlining a project that I’m co-authoring. It’s called Burning Bush and is a conspiracy story based on true events. If you’ve read Ben Mezrich’s books or seen the movies based on them, you’ll get how we are approaching this- it borrows ideas from the real, headline-making story but creates a solid bit of entertaining fiction around it. 

Finally, my latest announcement. No, it’s not a new Atlantic Island project (I know some of you are still waiting for that!), but it is new sci-fi. It’s a series, actually, about time travel (something I’ve always wanted to write) and will introduce a new main character who goes on different adventures in each book. It’s a different style of publishing for me, but I got into this business to have some fun and try new things. I think it will be enjoyable. I’m just ironing out the details on that now.

So that’s what I’m up to. Please continue to send me messages through whatever forum you prefer. I love talking to my readers and the feedback I’ve received has been so helpful to me as I realize what my audience wants. I promise that you will see at least one, maybe two new publications from me before the end of 2013! Thanks again for all your support, my friends.

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