Two at a time.

I’ve been back to the grind of writing each day for a few weeks now. The time travel series I’m developing will launch with a novel called “The Traveler” presumably by the end of 2013. The series will either be referred to as “The Traveler Series” or “The Daniel Wells Series” or something like that. TBD. The book is a little more than 1/3 to its targeted length and the story is very different than anything I’ve written so far.

A little while ago I decided to write a novella while working on “The Traveler.” It’s tentatively titled “Galaxi” (the first name of the protagonist) and…drumroll please… is part of the Atlantic Island universe!! Now wait a second, it’s not a sequel to the original novel. I think that project is still a ways down the road. So what is it? It’s part of an eventual series of shorter works called “Atlantic Island Chronicles.” The characters and events of my original story certainly inform what occurs in “Galaxi,” but they aren’t the centerpiece. I’m guessing my readers want to know when the story takes place. That’s the other big part of my announcement. It takes place after Atlantic Island. Significantly after. In that sense the book serves two purposes: it’s a semi-sequel to the novel, in that it will let readers know what happened to the world I’ve created, if not to all the characters. It’s also a standalone prequel to the next novel, whenever that comes. The world of Atlantic Island is much more involved and detailed than I ever thought it would be, and you’ll learn a whole lot about it from reading “Galaxi.” The book is also about a third written but it’s much shorter than “Traveler” and I think it will be ready sometime in October. I’ll have more to report on that soon. For now… I’ve got two very different books to write. I love a good challenge. 

2 thoughts on “Two at a time.”

  1. Fred — those both sound great! It sounds a little like what Veronica Roth is doing for her Divergent series. She’s got her this book coming out next month but also has a number of shorts in the same universe releasing over the next few weeks or so.

    1. Very interesting! I didn’t know she was doing that. I like the idea of giving my readers something affordable that can stand as its own story or could lead in to the primary series.

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