A Long Overdue Update

Okay… so I may or may not have stepped away for what may or may not have been a ridiculous length of time approaching two years. Many things have come up in my personal life that distracted from working on promoting my writing career. That doesn’t mean I’ve been distracted from my writing, however.

In addition to revising and expanding Atlantic Island and Traveler I have been working away at the full sequel to AI, a book called Rising Tide. The draft is over 70,000 words and I’m just about ready to write the final arc of the plot. This book incorporates the Galaxi novella, which you might recall was going to be part of a series. I’ve changed that plan and completely revised the novella to fit in as just one component of a much bigger story. I know many readers liked Galaxi the character, and I can tell you she is involved in much more of Rising Tide than just the parts from her original story. Of course Kylee, Theo and many other Atlantic Island favorites are in this novel as well.

In other news, The Traveler finally started to gain some traction in the Kindle Store, briefly holding the number one spot in its sub-genre. I’m very proud of the many positive reviews that have been coming in about the book. I’ve been contacted by some readers who want to know about sequels to that story. I don’t have any concrete plans right now, but certain elements from that book (though not Dan himself) are a critical component of Rising Tide. I’ve always designed my books to exist in a shared multiverse and that will all start to come into play in Rising Tide and come to a head in the final part of the AI trilogy.

Tentatively, I imagine there will be at least one or two other novels in between the second and third AI books. One of those might involve Dan Wells, or it might not. Clearly I change my plans as I go, and that’s one of the awesome things about writing. Even the writer can’t always predict where his or her story will go.

I’m going to try to post something at least once a month here, and probably more as we build toward the release of the next book. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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    1. Hi David, I’ve committed to a few months as an Amazon exclusive but I will be expanding all of my work to other formats at some point in the first half of 2016. I am fairly confident that will include Kobo. I will also be creating paperback editions of Traveler and Rising Tide, in the hopes that they can find a spot next to Atlantic Island in the few Barnes and Noble stores that stock that title. Thanks for reading!

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