Almost sequel time…

Here we are at the end of November. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and editing of the Rising Tide manuscript is approaching completion. I have a deadline of December 4th to get it to Amazon and I am confident I’ll hit the mark.

I did some serious marketing for Atlantic Island through November and it paid off. The book sold over 300 copies during the month, tripling my previous best month ever (not including free downloads). Over 80 of those sales came in one day! The novel made it on to the top 100 Science Fiction and top 100 Teen/Young Adult bestseller lists. It’s a great feeling to have so many new readers and I’m proud that people seem to like the book. There are over 50 reviews now with a 4.4 average rating. Not bad.

I’m feeling good about Rising Tide. It ramps up the science fiction aspects a little more than the first book but I think I managed to keep the focus on the characters and their struggles. Hopefully there will be enough surprises for readers while still delivering a story that feels like the right step forward for Theo, Kylee and the rest of their gang.

Having never released a full sequel before, I really don’t know what to expect. I’m not sure that Amazon will market it to the people who bought the first novel (there are a couple thousand of those wonderful folks now). There is certainly a chance that nobody will buy the book, and that would be unfortunate only because I’m so excited to share this story with my readers. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll spend most of January promoting the new book and doing some work preparing all of my fiction titles for alternate formats and stores. The paperbacks will probably take some time. After that? I have three ideas. One of those is a Traveler book but I’m still undecided as to whether Dan needs a sequel at all. What do you think?

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