What a day!

I started my first promotion attempt of 2017 today, dropping both parts of the Atlantic Island story to 99 cents. The response has been bigger than I expected, and bigger than anything I’ve done so far in this industry.

As of right now the books have sold a combined 213 copies during the promo. They moved to just above 1,000 in the overall kindle store (still can’t break through that mark!) and Atlantic Island nabbed the #1 ranking in Young Adult Sci-Fi Romance and Young Adult Mystery Thrillers. Both books were ranked very well throughout the store, including placing in the top 100 bestsellers in all Sci-Fi as well as all Teen/YA. One other cool moment was seeing my author rank crack the top 100 of all Sci-Fi authors! I made it as far as #90 before slowly dropping off the list but I’ve never had an author rank next to my profile before.

No doubt the books will slide back down and my fifteen seconds of fame will be over but maybe some of these new readers will like the series enough to tell others and to try my other work. I’ve got some small promos coming up in a week and a big marketing campaign for Traveler hitting in about two weeks so this (hopefully!) is just the beginning.

Thanks to all who supported this sale today for helping me achieve a few more small milestones in my writing career!

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