What A Day (Part 2)

To say things are continuing to look better in 2017 than they did throughout 2016 would be quite the understatement. As predicted, Atlantic Island and Rising Tide dropped quickly back down the rankings, and a little extra marketing for Atlantic Island the next week only helped a little. Those books have never had much stickiness in the ranks and now I wait to see if having a good volume of sales leads to word of mouth promotion.

So what’s the good news? Well… first I picked up a couple very nice reviews of Atlantic Island. Then Monday the big promotion for The Traveler finally happened. It’s been in the works for months and I could barely sleep the last few nights as I counted down the hours. The book shattered all of my records, selling hundreds of full-price copies in just a few hours. The ranking for the book (which was in the 400,000’s and had only ever been as high as 4,100) rose and rose, peaking early Tuesday morning at 464 in the entire kindle store and 35 in all Science Fiction!

At that point, with only 8 sales in the early morning (I say “only” as if it’s not a huge deal for me) I assumed that was the end. The promotion was over, it had been great, and now my sales would dry up again and I’d move on to the next idea and keep writing my sequel. Only… sales continued all day on Tuesday. Nearly 100 over the course of the day. Keep in mind my previous best day of sales of Traveler was 40 back in 2015 and that was on a discounted promotion day.

I woke up today (Wednesday) knowing that I had somehow been lucky and Amazon had gifted me one extra day of getting the word out about the book and now it was over. Only… it wasn’t. Sales continued all today as well and I’ve sold 63 as of 8 PM. I can’t explain how shocked and excited I am to have so many people willing to take a chance on my work. There are many doing free borrows as well… I can’t track those but Amazon lets me see page reads and there is a lot of reading going on. That thrills me. Hundreds of strangers are being introduced to the story of Dan and Suzy and Thomas and all the other characters I love so much.

I realize today’s sales will be a little less than yesterday, and while I wish the book would “find its level” and maintain some number of sales in perpetuity, I suspect the good times are winding down. Still… these have been very good times and I’m proud to have my work being read. I just hope people like my story and tell a friend or two or twenty.

For now I’m going to get back to work on the Traveler sequel, and by the end of this week I should have the next few promotions lined up for the spring.

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