A Fall Update Full of Bookbubs and Pumpkin Spice

I thought I’d write a quick update as there is so much going on in this crazy year in my writing career. After about a hundred rejections (I’m not joking- I could show you the emails), I landed my first Bookbub promo for Atlantic Island! That happened around my birthday in August and tripled my previous best daily sales record. It also led to my first time breaking into the top 100 on Amazon, topping out at #87!

Around that time I reached out to Barnes and Noble to see if there was any interest in bringing my work to their Nook platform. To my pleasant surprise, they were very interested. I cannot say enough about how positive my experiences with Barnes and Noble have been the last few months. The staff at Nook Press are professional and helpful and supportive.

I brought my paperbacks to Nook Press for online order, and got Rising Tide and Traveler on there as ebooks once I ran out the exclusivity with Amazon. Yes, Rising Tide is the second book of the Atlantic Island series, but the first book is exclusive until the start of November.

Barnes and Noble scheduled The Traveler for a Nook Daily Find for October 14th, and I was able to land a Bookbub for the same day! That combination was a much bigger marketing effort than even August and certainly than anything I’d done for Traveler before. The book sold 3000 copies in one day, moving to #62 in the Kindle store, and #1 in the Nook store! It also had great sales in iBooks and Kobo. I was blown away by the support for the book during the promotion, and I’m thrilled that the latest batch of reviews has been positive. Sales continue across all platforms now that the book is back at full price. I can’t say for sure that this was the true tipping point for Traveler, but it’s doing better than ever before, so I’ll take it.

I can’t talk too much about the things I have coming up, but I can tell you that Atlantic Island will be coming to all platforms in November and will be part of a special promotional effort at Barnes and Noble for Cyber Monday! The final book of the trilogy is moving along well, and will be released on January 9th for Nook as a limited time exclusive, and two weeks later on all platforms. The tentative title is Omega Protocol… that name has something to do with the situation developing at the end of Rising Tide, but I don’t want to spoil it here.

That’s all for now! I’ve got a ton more writing and editing to do (which means drinking a ton more seasonal coffee at the book store cafe) and hopefully I will have some more news to report once a few things are worked out. Thanks to everyone for making this an unbelievable year thus far!

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  1. Any chance that the atlantic trilogy will be on the Kobo? I can only find one book of yours there. The traveler

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