A Birthday Update

I was going to call this post “A Mid-Year Update,” but I think I’m a little late on that. Considering my birthday is this week, I’ll use that as the excuse to bring you all up to speed on everything that’s happened in 2018.

Last time I posted, I described the process of readying Omega Protocol for launch. Everything went just about as well as I could have hoped. Barnes and Noble delivered an excellent push for the First Look promotion. It was always going to be an uphill battle for them to launch the final part of a trilogy and expect people to catch up on the whole thing. To my surprise, quite a few readers actually did buy the whole series.

The launch on Amazon two weeks after was a little quieter than I’d anticipated considering how many sales of the first two books I’d already racked up. Nonetheless, things have moved slowly in the right direction. The lesson I took away from that launch is to not depend on the algorithms. I need to connect directly with my readers. Believe me, I’ll do that for my next release. (More on that later!)

This year, I finally acquired an elusive Kindle Daily Deal for Atlantic Island! It gave a nice boost to the title, and B&N followed up with a Nook Daily Find shortly after. AI performed very well and has maintained its momentum, especially in the Nook store. I’ve continued to be fascinated that no matter what I do, Traveler (my little passion project) vastly outsells Atlantic Island (my “mainstream” blockbuster title). I think it speaks to what ebook readers are looking to discover. That said, AI did hit #3 in the Nook Store, so please don’t assume I’m complaining!

Tantor Audio released all my books on digital audio and CD this year. I loved listening to the AI Trilogy and I’m in the middle of The Traveler. They have some very talented voice artists doing these things! If you’ve been holding off on any of my books because you just don’t have time to read… well, now you can listen in the car!

I’ve been fortunate to have a few nice media opportunities this year. Young Entertainment Magazine ran a feature on me, and I’ll be doing a Twitter takeover for them on September 20th. Publisher’s Weekly ran a great article and the rumor is they might be doing a review of Atlantic Island. I’m both excited and nervous as hell for that.

I was honored to get to speak and sign some autographs for the Atlantic Island Trilogy at the Neshaminy Mall Barnes and Noble in Bensalem, PA over the summer. Everybody there was awesome and so helpful, and it was great to see a mix of people I knew, people who were fans of the books, and people who just wanted to see what was going on. I even got to see my second grade teacher, who brought a copy of the book I wrote in her class! Big thanks to my brother, Josh Shernoff, for hosting the event and doing a great interview. Josh happens to be the host of the Apter Chat wrestling podcast. Cheap plug: check out their debut episode with an exclusive Hulk Hogan interview on August 17th!

So… what’s still to come? The early draft of a screenplay for The Traveler is in the works. There’s been some interest from a few different parties about screen adaptations of my books, but talks are in very preliminary stages. The big news, I guess, is that I’m writing something completely new! I haven’t started a new project with all new characters since writing Traveler about half a decade ago.

The book, which I believe will be called “Vacancy,” is not part of the stories I’ve already told, but exists in that same multiverse. I’m confident fans of my other books will be able to figure out exactly how it fits in. It’s a unique story and it’s been both challenging and liberating to dive into some new characters and new situations. I expect to have the first draft wrapped up by the end of September, but I can’t speak to a release date right now- there are some discussions taking place around it and until I see how those pan out I can’t say for sure how I will go about publishing this title.

That’s all I can say for right now! Thank you to everyone who keeps following and supporting my journey. I am so fortunate to be able to do what I do and to be able to entertain people. I look forward to sharing my next project with all of you soon!


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