This blog is for the Internet community to be able to follow my attempts at becoming a successful self-published author. So who am I? I was born in 1981 outside of Philadelphia. I now live in Florida and have two wonderful children. I am involved in commercial real estate as a profession. Of course, you’re here to learn about my “career” as a writer. My interest in writing manifested early and in second grade I wrote a short story that was brought to school board meetings. That made me feel great, but it was the peak of my writing efforts for a very long time. During most of my schooling, writing became about essays and long, boring papers. “Creative writing” stopped being about short stories and instead became about poetry. Poetry can be a beautiful thing when done properly, but it’s not the same as writing a story, and I’m also not very good at it. I did have one standout moment in my Junior year English class when we were finally given a chance to write short stories. That story earned me one of my few A’s in high school. Other than that, and some Batman and wrestling fan fiction I jotted in a notebook around the early 90’s, I didn’t put much thought into being an author. Over the past decade, I helped my brother run a professional wrestling league, and somewhere along the way I decided to write about the experience. That book, “Doing the Job,” came out to much acclaim among the small community that would read a book about wrestling. I started receiving requests to write some original fiction. Eventually enough people contacted me that I decided there might actually be a market of people who are crazy enough to think my writing is good. I began work on “Atlantic Island,” knowing that I would write one complete novel with enough threads left open to allow for a trilogy if by some fluke this thing actually took off. As I wrote, I became aware of Hugh Howey, the uber-successful self-published author of “Wool.” Through his blog posts and interviews, I learned some good strategies for self-publishing and decided one sleepless night to apply them to my story. At that pivotal moment, “Atlantic Island” became a three-part novel to be sold on Amazon.com as each part was finished. The first and smallest installment, “The Event,” was released to the public at the start of April, 2013. This blog will follow the success, or lack thereof, of that first installment as well as the ones to come. Enjoy the ride.

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    1. Hi Mike, I’m writing the book now. It should be available later this year. I’ll update this blog soon with some more info. Thanks for reading!

  1. Will these be on the Kobo in future? I liked the first one but cannot find the others.
    I have already bought quite a few books on the kobo so will not buy a kindle as I don’t want 2 ereaders.
    (Also if I and others do that, then Kobo might go bankrupt and my books would be useless).

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